At Chit Chat, we are specialised. This approach means we have developed a highly capable team of experts within a very specific marketing niche, offering hyper-focused efforts and unrivalled service.


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Our Mission

We are on a mission to make it easier, faster and better for consumers to connect with businesses. You should be able to connect with a business the same way you connect with your friends – through messenger channels you use everyday!

We believe all businesses, big and small can truly benefit from chatbots and messenger marketing. We strive to demystify the murky world of “bots” through education, clear objectives, and transparent reporting.

We work with smart businesses who share our values for clarity and transparent reporting.

Are you ready to transform how people communicate with your brand?

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Are you ready to transform how people communicate with your brand?

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What Kind Of Marketer Are You?

Just for fun we have a created pop quiz which reveals what type of marketer you really are. Built on Facebook Messenger, the quiz has over 1000 unique results. Discover what type of digital marketer you are now - it only takes a minute.

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We design, build and market custom-built messenger bots for smart businesses.

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