How Amazon Sellers Can Use Messenger & Instagram Chatbots

Amazon is a powerful sales platform that can launch any product into global consciousness practically overnight, but success doesn’t come automatically. Faced with growingly intense competition (almost 10 million sellers worldwide), Amazon sellers need to use all the resources at

whatsapp bot guide
How to create a WhatsApp chatbot sales funnel

Businesses are always looking to open new channels for attracting customers and facilitating sales, and modern communication tools including mobile apps like WhatsApp represent a new frontier. Why it’s so important to use WhatsApp for lead generation With over a

messenger bot personality
How to create a chatbot that reflects your brand identity

Chatbots are widely used to interact with customers, provide answers to common questions, or promote certain products and services. To be effective, bots need to be well aligned with the brand identity and business objectives.Behind every marketing success story, there

Instagram DM Automation
Automated Instagram Messages – The Secret To Scaling Instagram Marketing

Instagram is unique among social networks for its potential for visual communications, but in order to run a massive campaign that takes full advantage of this potential you might need some special tools.Everybody loves Instagram and it’s not hard to

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The Benefits of Having a Clear Social CRM Strategy

In the age of digital media, relationships with customers can be nurtured online in ways that were not possible until very recently. Businesses that approach this process in a systematic way have an important edge in the marketplace. Customer Relationship

Amazon Seller Chatbot Messenger
Increase Amazon Sales & Reviews Using an Instagram Direct & Messenger Bot

For any third-party seller on Amazon, customer information is a complex system whose internal workings are not easily accessible.Brands who sell on their owned properties (website, app, etc.), will have access to the crucial data such as email addresses of

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Chit Chat Just Became a ManyChat Expert

So it’s official… We’ve been recognised by one of the leading chatbot building platforms, ManyChat, as both a Messenger Marketing Expert and Agency Partner!The chat marketing space is very exciting right now. We can't wait to see all that happens

instagram messaging
Instagram Direct Messaging Automation Explained

Businesses can use Instagram Direct messaging automation, to enable audiences to easily slide into their DMs. Instagram Direct chat marketing can help drive sales, nurture relationships and create meaningful connections at scale. The vast majority of incoming Instagram Direct messages

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Use an event chatbot to increase registrations and create unique attendee experiences

Quickly scale your event registration list, automate marketing processes and help participants get information about your event in a messaging platform they use every day. How Event and Conference Chatbots Can Work Click To Messenger Bot Advert You can use