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7 truths that prove businesses must prioritise mobile marketing

When it comes to predicting the future trends in business, today’s numbers don’t always tell the whole story. However, when the stats match what the naked eye already tells you, it’s pretty certain that the projection is accurate. Modern customers

The Cookie Crumbles On Third-Party Data

Apple sent shockwaves through the entire mobile ecosystem when it announced in 2020 a huge shift to the way the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) could be retrieved and used for advertising tracking and attribution in iOS 14. Advertisers now need

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Facebook Messenger Ads Remarketing
Facebook Retargeting Using Messenger Adverts

Facebook retargeting adverts are extremely powerful. It’s very likely you will have seen retargeting ads whilst browsing Facebook or Instagram. You may have visited a website, perhaps you started to fill an online form but exited the website before completing

Grow Your Audience With An Interactive Quiz On Facebook Messenger

Get to know your customers better with a dynamic and creative quiz Facebook Messenger bot.Quizzes are a natural fit for Messenger due to it's easy to use interface. A quiz chatbot is a great way to quickly grow your subscriber

A Restaurant Birthday Promo Messenger Bot Guaranteed to Boost Sales
Birthday Promo Facebook Messenger Marketing Campaign For Restaurants

In this post I will show you how to create a birthday Facebook Messenger bot that will generate new customers, increase your revenue and boost customer satisfaction.Facebook collects your date of birth when you sign up and lets your family

The #1 opportunity for generating personal injury claims in a post-reform world

Over the last decade generating reliable and affordable leads for legal firms has become harder. Market saturation, changes in consumer behaviour and new regulations have all contributed to an extremely competitive landscape. Most legal firms struggle to create a steady

Facebook Messenger Policy Updates & The Future of Messenger Marketing

Over the last few days we’ve learned that Facebook will be making some major updates to Messenger. 24-Hour Policy Currently, Messenger operates using the “24+1” rule which means that you can send pretty much any message inside a 24-hour window,

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Marketing Battle: Email VS. Messenger

Email marketing is a strategy most business owners and marketers are familiar with and possibly will have some experience with. Several well-known brands have built their entire business model around it. Several studies and surveys have shown email to be