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Instagram is unique among social networks for its potential for visual communications, but in order to run a massive campaign that takes full advantage of this potential you might need some special tools.

Everybody loves Instagram and it’s not hard to understand why. This network is all about great looking images, glamorous lifestyles, and positive moods. In terms of business, there are numerous niches – from food to tourism – where a picture is worth more than a thousand dollars, let alone thousand words. Companies from those fields stand to gain a lot by adopting advanced Instagram marketing techniques, but this trend is spilling over into industries that were not traditionally regarded as social media friendly.

Still, large Instagram campaigns are much harder to successfully organise and implement than an average person might think. The reason is that as the volume of communication increases, it becomes very tricky to maintain personalised communication with everyone. This is why Instagram automation is such a hot topic lately, and why tools that can ensure better responsiveness are in such high demand.

The ability to instantly reply to all incoming DMs offers brands an amazing opportunity. It’s a channel that offers a personal connection at every step of the customer journey. It can transform hearts, shares and comments into real revenue and frustrated customers into advocates.

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What can automated Instagram Direct messages be used for?

While we all first think of magnificent images when we talk about Instagram, in reality there is quite a bit of verbal communication on this network too, from comments on posts and stories to direct messages and interactive ads. When a business launches a high-visibility campaign, those communication channels immediately heat up, often overwhelming the social media team and making it impossible to reply to all incoming messages. Considering that users who comment or send direct messages are the most likely buyers, those delays can be a serious detriment to sales, negating most of the gains achieved by additional visibility. Automated messages can fill this gap – in many instances fast reply on a simple question makes a difference between a successful conversion and a lost customer. In addition to responding to user actions, automation can also be used in a proactive manner to advance multi-step campaigns and deliver the right ads to the right people at the right time.

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How can automated Instagram messages help your marketing efforts?
Message bots can act as force multipliers, effectively allowing businesses to acquire new contacts and customers without fears about handing the volume of incoming traffic. Most importantly, automated messages are sent immediately after the user’s comment has been registered, which would hardly be possible for a business that relies on a small team to manually respond to every input. This positively impacts engagement and can facilitate additional sales, while in the long term it contributes to customer loyalty. The gains increase along with the volume of traffic, so companies thinking about aggressive expansion practically face an imperative to incorporate automation tools into their social media marketing toolboxes. On the other hand, data collected through automated conversations can be used to fine-tune the campaigns and adopt new strategies that take customers’ wishes and needs into account, ultimately contributing to a higher rate of conversions.
Which tools are available for sending automated Instagram messages?
For a long time, the main knockdown on Instagram automation was that it’s very hard to implement without glitches. That may not be true any longer, as new generation of Instagram Direct message bots can simulate human communication at a very high level while also picking up a lot of useful information in the process. Modern chatbots are smarter than most people would expect, and they provide a broad range of functions on Instagram that are crucial for keeping the customers aware of your products or services and happy about the treatment they are getting. If those capacities are expertly used to fulfil a well-defined goal and address issues that customers care about, online profile of the company can be greatly enhanced and its financial fortunes can turn practically overnight.
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The impact of automation on scalability
Everyone wants to create ‘the next big thing’, but few entrepreneurs actually have a plan for managing all the new customers in an effective way. With automation, this becomes less of a problem since it takes just as much time to set up a chatbot for one thousand or one million users. When routine and repetitive tasks are delegated to the machine, the marketing team can find the time to work on truly difficult challenges and design new, more ambitious outreach schemes. That’s a good way to maintain the same level of responsiveness and attention to detail that lead to growth in the first place. At the same time, the costs of acquiring new customers will remain low and long-term profitability should be increased.
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