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Use an event chatbot to increase registrations and create unique attendee experiences

Quickly scale your event registration list, automate marketing processes and help participants get information about your event in a messaging platform they use every day. How Event and Conference Chatbots Can Work Click To Messenger Bot Advert You can use

Facebook Messenger Ads Remarketing
Facebook Retargeting Using Messenger Adverts

Facebook retargeting adverts are extremely powerful. It’s very likely you will have seen retargeting ads whilst browsing Facebook or Instagram. You may have visited a website, perhaps you started to fill an online form but exited the website before completing

Automate Reservations and Appointment Bookings With a Chatbot

A well-designed reservation chatbot can assist your customers through your booking process any time of the day. It would improve staff productivity and cut-down on costs related to manual follow-ups. Automated Reservation Example For a Restaurant Click To Messenger Bot

lead generation
How To Generate Leads Using a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Generating new leads via Facebook Ads can be very expensive, Messenger marketing can solve this by reducing your cost per lead by up to 87%.A Messenger bot created alongside a click-to-messenger ad campaign will allow you to generate qualified leads

Grow Your Audience With An Interactive Quiz On Facebook Messenger

Get to know your customers better with a dynamic and creative quiz Facebook Messenger bot.Quizzes are a natural fit for Messenger due to it's easy to use interface. A quiz chatbot is a great way to quickly grow your subscriber

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Improving Your Business With a Customer Support Bot

Everyone at some point will have had the awful experience of being put hold during a phone call or waiting in a virtual line to chat with an online operator. An FAQ or customer service chatbot can help eliminate many

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Chatbot Content Delivery Strategies – Curated Content and Newsletters

Using a chatbot to deliver your content puts control back into your hands. These conversational experiences collect detailed metrics that provide your businesses with detailed insights into how your audience is engaging with your content. With users focused on social

facebook customer feedback survey
Actionable insights with a customer survey & feedback Messenger chatbot

Survey your audience in their favourite messenger app and collect actionable insights that will help transform your business for the better. A Typical Customer Survey Conversational Experience Feedback Request A number of techniques and solutions can be used to trigger

AI powered FAQ chatbot
Turn browsers into buyers with an engaging & interactive FAQ chatbot

A well-designed FAQ chatbot will help educate visitors, overcome objections and improve staff productivity. Intelligent & Automated Customer Support Conversational Experience Placement Your FAQ chatbot doesn't rest. It willbe there to assist your team and customersevery day, all day. It's

How to grow your subscribers with a contest and giveaway Facebook Messenger bot

Grow your contact list and generate more leads for your business by creating an interactive competition experience inside Messenger. Easy participation, instant leads and automated follow-ups. Competitions & Giveaways Using Messenger Entry Points Marketers know that giving away something for