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Businesses can use Instagram Direct messaging automation, to enable audiences to easily slide into their DMs. Instagram Direct chat marketing can help drive sales, nurture relationships and create meaningful connections at scale.

The vast majority of incoming Instagram Direct messages are pre-purchase, so brands that use Instagram messaging will have a marketing edge.

In terms of daily usage, more people use social messaging apps than social media, so Facebook is investing heavily in this area. The standalone improvements and the cross-platform integration of Messenger and Instagram will be a great opportunity for brands.

Ryan Dearlove – Chit Chat Founder

Product Dicovery On Instagram

Instagram is the world’s shop window, driving product exploration and discovery. A recent survey from Yotpo revealed that 89% of Instagram users have bought something they first saw on the platform. Businesses who use Instagram messaging automation will be able to nurture the customer along the path to conversion, at every stage of the buying cycle including pre-purchase and post-purchase support.

Product Context from Instagram Shops
Instagram Direct messaging automation will allow you to see which product is being talked about when someone sends you a message from Shops on Instagram. Knowing the specific product means you can respond instantly, automate replies, or assign the chat to a live agent.
Integrate Instagram with Messenger and WhatsApp
The Messenger API support for Instagram means businesses can leverage the power of chat marketing and automation. Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp are innately linked and can be used in conjunction to engage with your target audience where they scroll and build genuine relationships at scale on a 1:1 basis.
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